Mission Vision

The mission statement is a driving force with any missional community.  See our friend Alex Absalom’s post on mission vision.

In missional student ministry the mission looks slightly different than most missional communities.  For example, the mission statement of a missional community that feels the call to a nursing home would look something like:

  • To provide friendship and a relationship, in Christ’s name, with the residents of XYZ Nursing Home through various activities and events on a bi-weekly basis.

Everyone in that missional community feels the same call to the mission.

Now, with a missional student ministry, there almost needs to be 2 mission statements.  By this I mean, the leaders within the missional community need to feel the call to invest in students lives (having their own statement from that calling) and the role of the leaders should be to develop a mission statement within the students (students should have their own mission statement so-to-speak).  It looks like this:

  • As leaders, we are called to the students (leader mission statement derives from that)
  • As leaders, we want to equip students to go to other students around them (student mission statement derives from that)
As leaders within a missional student ministry, we can only reach so many students.  The students must have their own mission.
– more to come on this in a later post –

2 thoughts on “Mission Vision

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