The Balancing Act

In our last post, we talked about the importance of rhythm and balance when dealing with events and process within a missional student ministry.  In this post I want to lay out how we integrate that rhythm and balance.  We would love to see how you integrate this rhythm and balance into your ministry, as well.

At RiverTree, our mission is to Come, Thrive, and GO.  To Come into God’s presence via scripture, prayer, worship, etc.  To Thrive in community with those around you.  To GO into the world and serve/love.  We see Jesus modeling these 3 dimensions as we read through the Gospels.  Therefore, we ask those we lead to do the same.  Furthermore, we build our ministries around this balance.

Ultimately, in everything we do with students, we want them to become more like Christ.  Since we see Jesus, in different circumstances throughout the Gospels, Come into His Father’s presence, Thrive in community with those around Him, and GO into the world, we try to integrate this into our student ministry.

I’ll just use our high school GoCos (missional communities) as the example for how we go about bringing balance into our missional student ministry.  Each of our high school GoCos are on a general 4 week rotation:

  • Week 1 – Come week – the night is more focused on coming into God’s presence through individual prayer, times of worship, and discussion based on what the scriptures for the evening are speaking to us.
  • Week 2 – Thrive week – this night generally has a meal and discussion as the focal point for the night.  There’s something about gathering around a meal that brings people together and discussion happen naturally.
  • Week 3 – GO week – as a GoCo we go out and serve in our local community.
  • Week 4 – Large Group – this is where we bring all of our GoCos together for an event of some kind and celebrate what God has been doing with each other.  This can look like a weekend retreat, renting a sports dome and playing games, lasertag, having a cookout, etc.

We have found that this brings a solid balance between growing as a community, helping students to see their school as their mission, allowing students to include their friends in GoCo, creating opportunities for events and shared experiences, as well as, creating time to process what God is speaking into the students’ lives.

This is how we balance dimensions of events and process.  We would love to hear how God is working in your ministry and what you are doing to bring some of this balance into the ministry!