Heading to Verge

Next week John Moores and myself will be traveling with Alex Absalom to Austin, TX for the Verge Conference.  This conference is geared towards equipping leaders to “make disciples who make disciples” – by being intentional in the communities that we are placed in through, the vehicle of, Missional Communities.

Besides the fact that the 3 of us will have a blast together and that we will be in Texas at the end of February, John and I are really looking forward to the opportunity to learn, grow, and network.  Particularly, in the the networking aspect, the chance to hear the stories of what other churches from around the nation and world are doing with missional student ministries.  We are excited to be a part of the conversations that are going on, in order to learn and grow in what we are doing with our own student ministry.

Things that we will be praying for:

  • a fun time
  • safe travels
  • good conversations and formed relationships
  • we will be challenged to grow based on many conversations
  • God will speak clearly to us during the seminars, main sessions, and other miscellaneous conversations that take place
  • the Spirit to continue to give us vision and direction

We are hoping to come back and share with all of you many of the things that we were challenged with and things that God has put on our heart during our time at the Verge Conference.

Also, if you or some people from your church are going to be there please let us know!  We would love to connect.


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