Disciples who make Disciples

Disciples who make disciples.  This is our calling in life and
this is our challenge and encouragement to our students.  I just want to share a brief story of a certain student that has been living this out.

In the spring of 2011, we asked our students to write down the names of 2-3 friends that weren’t currently Christ followers, or at GoCo, on a notecard and to keep that with them.  The goal behind this was for the students to be praying for those other students, whose names they had written down, as well as to look for opportunities to serve them and be intentional in their relationship with them.

One of the girls in our GoCo, without myself or any of the other leaders really knowing, has been praying for a couple of her friends constantly since she wrote their names down that evening.  And since she started praying for them God has opened up several opportunities for her to have more intentional conversations with them.  During that time they became more open to spiritual conversations and even the idea of coming to GoCo.  Eventually, she asked them to come with her to GoCo and sure enough, they did!  The girls have become regulars and are being discipled by our leaders and most importantly, by their friend.  She has continued to pray for them and look for opportunities to share the love and story of God with them.  God has been doing some great work in their life and it’s so encouraging to see that their journey with God is well on the way because of their friend’s faithfulness.

I know this isn’t a rare story.  I know that this story isn’t unique to our student ministry.  But what I love about it is that the friend’s goal wasn’t to bring them to GoCo.  GoCo is a part of her life and she wanted to friends to be a part of the community.  The encouraging part is that she is continually praying for them and continually looking for ways to serve them.  She knows that GoCo isn’t the goal!

Disciples that makes disciples.  Nothing more encouraging than seeing students go for it and watching how God uses them to literally change lives.