Summer Time and the Livin’s Easy

In ministry, summer is such a unique time.  With summer sports and family vacations it tends to be a transient season.  One week you can gather tons of students and the next week it can feel like your ministry just died.  But the amount of opportunity and potential to meet new students and to connect with students can be endless!  For that very reason we tend to go pretty hard after students in the summer.  It just looks differently.

So here’s what we do for the summer:

  • We gather students.  We like to bring students together in more of a large group setting.  Because of the transient season it can be difficult to gather students in our GoCo or medium group sizes.  But we will continue to gather on a weekly basis.  This helps to continue building momentum.
  • We keep the rhythm.  We have found the rhythm of Come, Thrive, GO in our GoCos to be so vital that we continue to keep that going throughout the summer.  We will have weeks where we gather students to pray and worship together.  We will gather to share meals and hangout together.  And we will gather to go and serve in the community.  Also, we have a missions trip that we will be going on.
  • We move around.  We typically don’t gather at our usual GoCo homes.  The summer is a good opportunity to include other families and people in what’s going on.  We will still do some things at our usual homes, but that might just be for a week.

Here’s a few of our goals:

  • Connect students with leaders.  Summer is a great time for our leaders to connect with new students and to continue to pursue and dive deeper into the relationships they already have.
  • Have students gather students.  Just because the flow changes a little doesn’t mean that we want our students to stop going after and being intentional with other students.  We want them to continue serving their friends and to find ways to include them in our GoCo gatherings.
  • Honor Jesus. I know that might sound typical for a student ministry to say, but it’s true.  Just because the season is different doesn’t mean that we change the way we pursue God’s heart and God’s calling.  It doesn’t change the way we relentlessly pursue students and encourage them in their journey with God.  We just want to honor Jesus as we invite students to imitate us as we imitate Christ – 1 Cor. 11:1.

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