PoP Story Time

Luke 10:5-6 – “Whenever you enter someone’s home, first say, ‘May God’sperson of peace heart peace be on this house.’  If those who live there are peaceful, the blessing will stand; if they are not, the blessing will return to you.”

Our friend Alex Absalom has a great post on the Person of Peace and the important role the PoP plays in mission.  He describes the Person of Peace in this way: ‘They like you and you like them.’

At our GoCos we try to stay away from teaching lessons.  We like to have as much discussion, conversation, and student participation as possible.  However, there are definitely principles and ideas that we want to teach students as we continue to equip them to live their lives as their mission.  Some of these include The Learning Circle, For-With-One of-In, sharing their stories of faith, and the Person of Peace.  When we ‘teach’ these lessons we like to do them in a way that is interactive, creative, and also simple (this way anyone can teach them).

When it came to teaching the Person of Peace principle for one of our GoCos geared towards 8th grade students we decided to come up with a storybook way of communicating it.  I got together with one of our high school student leaders (Jonah) who is a Junior and big time football player at one of our local high schools. As we sat at Starbucks we came up with a literal Person of Peace story.  Below is that story.  So at the following GoCo Jonah read the story to the students during “Story Time with Jonah,” then we had discussion following story time about the PoP and how students can begin to identify their PoP.  After the discussion we gave a copy of ‘The Story of the Person of Peace’ to each student for them to keep.

There’s a few things I love about this besides the fact that an older student was ‘teaching’ younger students about Person of Peace:

  1. It’s a simple way of teaching PoP that anyone can do it and do it effectively.
  2. It’s taught in a way that students have fun with it and fully grasp the idea of it.
  3. This way of presenting PoP generates a lot of discussion.

Feel free to go to the embedded link and download the PDF. Make your own story using one of your own students and change whatever you may need.


The Power of Story

One of the beautiful things about a story is that everyone has one.storytelling2  Everyone has a story they can share. Maybe they have a story of triumph.  Maybe they have a story of heartbreak.  Maybe they have a story of redemption.

Another thing I like about a story is that there are often ‘mini’ stories within the whole.  These mini stories build onto, add, and contribute to the bigger story.  Often times, the mini stories are simple and a  moment is typically found at the center.

If everyone can share a story, then how are you allowing students to share the stories of what God is doing in their lives?  I am finding that the sharing of stories is becoming an integral and life-giving part of the DNA of our GoCo families.  Social space is a great setting for students to share their stories.  It becomes contagious and inspiring among the students.  When they hear a couple of their peers share stories of how God is using them, even if it’s something little, they begin to realize that they can, in fact, live their lives as their mission.