The First of Many!

I am happy to say that we are multiplying our first student GoCo (Missional Community) this very month!  It’s such a blessing and joy to let students run with their passions and gifts.

The two students that are leading this are going to be seniors this upcoming school year.  Both of them love Jesus.  Both of them have a heart for people around them.  Both of them are very talented musicians.  In fact, their band won our local high school battle of the bands competition this last year.  Anyhow, as we began talking about passions, gifts, people, community, and how all of these could come together for them we came up with the idea of Song & Story.  Song & Story will be an intentional community that will be led by these two guys that is focused on music and the arts – with Jesus at the center of it all.

Song & Story’s Mission/Vision is A community where students can share their creative passions and be encouraged in their artistic growth.  And a slogan they are using to go along with their GoCo is “Everyone’s Song has a Story.  Everyone’s Story has a Song.”

In the upcoming posts we will be talking more about Song & Story, including  the practical plans for it.  We will also be doing a few posts on how we got to the point of being able to multiply our GoCos, which will include many mistakes we made along the way, as well as, the vision for the future of how we continue to multiply.

What I am asking right now is that you pray for the two students leading Song & Story, all students that will become part of this community, and for a movement of the Holy Spirit.  The launch date is June 24th.


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