How to Multiply Student Missional Communities

We have multiplied our first student missionalmultiplying mcs real community!  Throughout the multiplication process, there has been fresh vision and clarity on what it looks like to multiply missional communities.  We simply want to share this process with all of you.

I would say that there are 4 practicals steps that were brought to light for us when it came to multiplying out our first GoCo – Passion. Prayer. People. Pursuit.  Let’s break these down:

Passion – we all have specific passions and gifts that God has given us.  I fully believe that God has given us these passions and gifts for a specific purpose – to use them to impact those around us and bring honor to God.  Because of this, we feel called as leaders to help students and other leaders realize these passions and gifts.  We do this in a manner that challenges and encourages them to put feet on their passions and gifts so they can use them to impact the Kingdom.

Prayer – part of the challenge and encouragement after their passions and gifts are realized is to allow space for them in prayer to wait for what God is calling them to do with their passions and gifts.  This is essential.  As a leader, the natural tendency is to come up with the structures and ideas that people can fit their dreams into.  At the end of the day, that really doesn’t have anything to do with God.  But when you allow them to come before God and seek God’s vision then it’s putting them in a position where they are dependent on God to lead them.  This will hopefully set the pace for how they will live out and form community around their passions and gifts.  There will definitely be moments where your experience will be necessary to simply provide some guidance and direction, but let those you are releasing wrestle and discern what God is saying to them.

People – the thing that the process of prayer does is that it brings certain people to mind.  As they are praying through what it is that God is calling them to, there are always people in their lives that come to mind.  For example, as Wyatt and Paul were praying about what Song & Story (this was before they had the name) looked like, there were specific friends of theirs that had similar interests and passions as them, but didn’t have a relationship with Christ that kept coming to mind.  More than likely, the people that come up in prayer are the people that God is calling you to.  These specific people help to establish the Mission/Vision of what your missional community will be.

Pursuit – part of the pursuit includes the tangibles of the missional community: meeting location, times, days, rhythm, gathering structures, etc.  The other part, the main part, the purpose of the missional community, is the pursuit of people.  Pursue the people that God has placed on your heart.  Pursue the people that have similar passions and gifts and include them in the community.  What this looks like for Wyatt and Paul is to go to various open mic nights around the area, to go to local concerts, and intentionally ask people they encounter to come hang at Song & Story.  You must GO and pursue people.  If the missional community is about having another missional community notch on your belt, then you’ve completely missed the mission.

If you have any other suggestions or things that you do when starting missional communities we would love to hear about it!  We will be doing a series of posts in the upcoming weeks that will break down Passion. Prayer. People. Pursuit.


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