Multiplying Student Missional Communities: It Starts with Passion

In our last post, How to Multiply Missional Communities, we talked about the 4 steps we use for multiplying Missional Communities.  The 4multiplying MCs passion steps include: Passion, Prayer, People, and Pursuit.  In the upcoming posts we will break down each of these steps, how we came to them and some practicals that go along with them.


The leading question behind Passion is simply, ‘What passions has God given you?’  

Here’s why we ask students the questions of passion:

  • Life-giving. Questions of passion often get at the core of what makes us feel alive.  When someone is telling you what they are passionate about their eyes light up with joy and life.  Often times, they can talk to you forever about their passions.
  • God-given. The things we are passionate about are God-given.  They are wired deep within us.
  • Calling. What we are passionate about are the very things that we will give ALL of ourselves to – whether it’s a cause, a neighborhood, athletics, the arts, cooking, etc. We feel a strong call to our passions.
  • Endurance. If we are passionate about something we won’t give up on it, even during the tough times.

If you are going to help a student be missional, then it only makes sense to release them to be missional in a network or neighborhood that they are passionate about.  This is why it’s important to have the initial conversation be about passion – it sets the table for the rest of the multiplying process.

Our leaders and myself are constantly asking students what they are passionate about.  What has God put on your heart?  What makes you feel alive?  What energizes you?  If you could do one thing for an entire day, what would it be?  These questions help develop and bring to light what the Holy Spirit is already stirring within students!


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