About Us And About This Blog

John Moores – I am the Student Ministry Director at RiverTree.  I have been here since January 2007.  I have been involved in student ministry for over 20 years.  Also, I have been married to Sandy for 20 years and we have two kids – Caleb age 13  and Chloe age 11.

My ministry journey has been a unique ride.  I started attending church in high school at a Full Gospel / Non Denom. Church.  I then attended college at Geneva, a Reformed Presbyterian school.  After graduating, I attended a Free Methodist Church, which is a holiness church, until God called me to serve in an Episcopal Church.  Now, I find myself in a Christian Church setting at RiverTree.   I guess you can say that my ministry background is fairly diverse.  Through it all, I simply love students and go wherever God tells me to go.  I am a bit of strategy buff.  Anything that has to do with strategy gets my attention.  Whether that be football, a documentary on WWII, or student ministry.  I love to think strategically and help others strategize.

Mike Suit – I am the High School Team Leader at RiverTree.  I have been here since May 2010.  I went through a total life change in the spring of 2010.  I graduated from Malone University at the beginning of May, started full time at RiverTree in the middle of May, and got married to Rebecca on June 5.  Needless to say, it was a busy and exciting time of my life.

I am from Strongsville (1/2hr south of Cleveland), so I am a Cleveland sports fan through and through – prayers are always welcome.  I really enjoy reading and I really enjoy Starbucks.  Thankfully the two seem to go hand-in-hand.  God gave me my call to student ministry at the beginning of my senior year of high school, after a summer of doing serious work in my life.  Throughout college I felt an even stronger call to high school ministry.  I am so passionate about that age group and the potential they bring to so many aspects of life.  I love that high school students are in a position where they are wrestling with who they are as individuals, their future, and what role God plays in all of it.  Along with that, I love that they are willing to have real, authentic conversation about those things.


Currently, we do a middle school gathering that’s called NRG on Wednesday nights along with 6 different high school GoCommunities (missional communities) and a GoCo for 8th grade students that meet on a weekly basis throughout different days of the week.

This Blog:

We want this blog to be a place where discussions, ideas, and suggestions on how to do student ministry in a missional context can occur.  We will post, on a weekly basis, different things we have been learning while doing missional student ministry in hopes that discussions will open up and the conversations will take place.


5 thoughts on “About Us And About This Blog

  1. Hey there! I came across your blog I and dig y’alls spirit and attitude! I love that you love to strategize when it comes to doing the best mission work. We implement that attitude a lot, constantly changing strategies to do the best ministry; adapting. I also love your attitude on discipleship. I hope this year working in your mission field (the kids) goes well as you talk to them about their specific mission and purpose! Prayers headed your way.

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

    • Tasha, thanks so much for your kind word of encouragement and for the prayers! We would love to connect sometime and hear what you guys are doing in Chicago!

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